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The University of Žilina has been operating in the network of Slovak universities for 60 years. At its seven faculties it offers technically and technologically oriented study programs as well as economic and humanities education. It has successfully spread the cooperation with partners in the world. Students of the second and third grade of the university studies have a wide range of possibilities to attend a part of their studies at foreign universities. In the same way the synergy of research and education offers the opportunity to apply the latest knowledge and technologies. The international dimension in our activities, the humanities and language branch of studies prepare students for work in the interdisciplinary and globalized environment.

The vision and future of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Department of Power Electrical Systems is in the field of electrical and power engineering, the most important seems to be task considered on modern traction drives for all kinds of transport, then problem of system and modern methods for their control, supplying electrical traction equipment with emphasis on their back influences on electrical power systems. A special attention is given to the electronically commuted electrical machines, electrical machines with permanent magnets, as well as to the properties of non-sinusoidal supplied electric machines. In the field of power engineering the main focus is on control of electrical power system, transmission and distribution of electrical energy, new renewable alternative energy sources, and electro-energetic feed of railways. Special attention is given into utilization of different ICT and control systems for more efficient production and using of electrical energy mainly in environment of alternative energy resources.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 607361