1. Training event Eindhoven, June 2014

Workshop on New trends in sustainable transportation, Eindhoven-Maastricht (FISITA), The Netherlands, 2nd-6th of June 2014

The first training event was organized in The Netherlands for five days, between 2nd and 6th of June 2014. Ten out of twelve ESRs attended the event. The goals of the event can be grouped as:

  • Overview of the ADEPT project and training program;
  • Presentation of ADEPT philosophy and goals;
  • Introducing of the ESRs to the member of the consortium;
  • Teaming up of the ESRs;
  • Attending the FISITA conference sessions, for being aware of the new trends in sustainable transportation. Next to that they were instructed with some specific tasks.
  • Following a lecture on ‘the art of devising thumbnail problems

First day of the event was dedicated to the presentation of the ADEPT project. An overview of the project and a presentation of ADEPT training program were given by the project manager, Jeroen Tegenbosch and by the training responsible, Claudia Martis. Each ESR was invited to present himself/herself.

The ESRs attended the FISITA conference sessions and exhibition in Maastricht for two days and a half. They had the opportunity to spend time together, to know each other and to figure out their role in ADEPT puzzle; individual research projects vs. the ADEPT project as a whole.

The lecture ‘the art of devising thumbnail problems’ was given by Kees van Overveld, specifically targeted at the ESRs. For more details see link

Prof. Martis lecturing

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 607361