4. Training event Milan, June 2015

School on System-level modelling and simulation for E-propulsion systems, Milan, Italy, 8th-12th of June

The aim of the Summer School in Milan was to let ESRs and ER to get an in-depth undertanding of the issues pertaing to vehicle system design, with particular attention on eletctric powertrain concept design.

The topics dealt with during the classes were focused on:

  • Vehicle design paradigms, wheels and tyres, architecture
  • Vehicle design: drivelines, active and passive safety
  • Optimal Design and Pareto-optimal sets, application to vehicle system design and vehicle component design
  • NVH of e-motors and drivelines
  • Energy management of vehicle electric sub systems (electrically actuated brake, electric/hybrid axle testing )

The attendees visited to the laboratories of the Dep. of Mech. Eng (Wind Tunnel, Laboratory for the Safety of Transport Systems) and Brembo. They also participated to a course on e-motorsport, lecture given by dr. Calzavara, former Formula 1 Ferrari Team manger and Pirelli CTO).

A workshop on the definititon of the energy management of a full electric vehicle has been organized led by Simens with the support of Politecnico di Milano: starting from a Siemens statement of the engineering problem, ESRs and ER were grouped and worked out (in a team working session) a number of proposal for of different layouts with the same performance.

Prof. D Howey gave a lecture (open to all of the PhD candidates of the Politecnico di Milano, 28 externals joined) entitled” Advanced Battery Management Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles and Stationary Energy Storage Systems).



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 607361